Effective recruiting is an important key to success for all small businesses. Recruiting can be a continuous process as SME businesses grow and change. While candidates are often recruited to fill certain positions, many companies are always on the lookout for new talent.


What does your company’s recruiting system look like? Do you have standard processes? Do you find your HR team spends too much time on recruiting with too little effort? Do your recruiting tactics target the sought-after millennials who are looking for specific perks or career development? To enhance your recruiting methods, you might want to look into HR recruitment software for your small business that can help you reach the right candidates and get them on your team.

Benefits of Recruitment Software for Small Businesses

If your HR team is trying to manage recruitment through an outdated program, you need to consider a new system. There is recruitment software for small businesses available that can take much of the recruitment legwork off their shoulders and improve communication to the potential team members you’d like to hire. Here are five key benefits that you and your HR team will be able to take advantage of if you implement one of these systems.

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Easy Applicant Tracking

Have you ever found that your HR team has hired an employee only to realize down the road they missed a more qualified applicant? Have you decided to hire a certain recruit only to find you’ve misplaced his application or contact info? Keeping track of applicants can be tough, especially if you are hiring for a popular position.

It’s possible to have hundreds of applications that can easily be lost or misplaced. Having a system in place that keeps track of all applicants and sorts them for you is very valuable. Track and sort by the position applied for, a candidate’s qualifications, training, interview notes, and more. This makes it easy for your HR team to narrow down candidates and compare them head-to-head.

Secure Cloud-Based Storage

Keeping applicant records secure should be an important part of your recruiting process. This can be hard to do with traditional paper applications kept in a filing cabinet. Going paperless in your HR department is a good idea for many reasons, one of them being security. Although important in all industries, security really takes center stage if you are in the healthcare field or any other field that works with highly sensitive information.

If applications get into the wrong hands, information like social security numbers, salary details, and home addresses can be leaked. This can lead to dangerous situations for applicants and lawsuits for your company. Cloud-based storage also protects against any natural disasters or other incidents that could occur at your office and destroy documents.

All Hours Access

One of the benefits of enterprise mobility in the modern workplace is the ability to access information when and where you need it. If you are making hiring decisions, you may need to look at applicant information at nights or weekends. You may also want to access information from remote locations.

An HR software program will allow you to do so. You can also give access to relevant members of your HR department. This lets them see the information when they need to. Having information handy will let you make more informed decisions on new recruits.

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Internal & External Recruiting

Do you recruit both within your company and externally? You should. Many superstar team members may already be working for you. It is important to give them the chance to move up when positions are available. To keep track of those who might qualify, you need an efficient system for existing employee records retention. This lets you easily take a look at what skilled employees you currently have on your team, and identify those who excel.

You can quickly take a look at their training, any performance reviews they’ve had, and whether they have already applied for promotion. You can then compare them with external recruits to see which would be a better fit.

Automated Communication

How do you currently talk to your potential new hires? Do they know what the next steps are? Do you have any easy way to contact them if you need more details or would like them to come in for an interview? Do you inform them when you have decided to give the position to a different candidate? Having a system that offers automated communication can help streamline this process.

By setting a few details, you can let the system do its job and eliminate some of the manual paperwork for your team. You can also be sure that processes are the same with all new and potential recruits.