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Accredited On-line Significant School Diploma – Faux College Warn

There are pretty much hundreds of on the internet schools that provide legitimate on line courses, levels, and diplomas. Sad to say, nevertheless, there is also a huge bucket whole of diploma mills, and outright fakes. These fake universities claim to be accredited. The company supplying them accreditation is commonly just as phony as the degree or diploma they are promoting.

I am sure that finding a rapid diploma could be tempting to some men and women. Actually, what could be better than just paying $ 200 or $ 300 obtaining the diploma, and that&#39s it. You would have to take no classes, no labs, no assessments, and no credit history requirements. It&#39s a “no brainer”, literally.

Are you mindful that these diploma mills are well regarded and conveniently identified out? If you try to get a very good occupation, or enter university with just one of these faux diplomas, you are taking a substantial danger. Apart from the embarrassment of obtaining your fraud found out, you may essentially be committing a crime. You are committing fraud, and if I was an employee, or university currently being defrauded by another person with faux credentials, I would undoubtedly want you in court docket. Of training course, I would quickly fireplace you or expel you from my school.

I have a Grasp&#39s Diploma from a authentic on the web university. I can tell you truthfully, that I worked my butt off for that piece of paper. Almost every single assignment in each class was an essay, or long significant paper. The method was writing intense, and fairly challenging for me. I was “compelled” to communicate in on the web classroom discussions. My scores depended on participation. There was no nodding in the back of a huge lecture hall.

I have very little sympathy for anyone who tries to consider a brief reduce to their diploma or degree. You may possibly get that piece of paper, but let&#39s deal with it. You also want the know-how. You are only dishonest your self.

In this article is an one thing attention-grabbing. The Spokesman Evaluate, of Spokane, Washington ran an post in Sept. 09 publicly listing the names of individuals who got phony diplomas, and degrees from diploma mills. This is a record you definitely want to avoid.

Supply by Edmund F Desmond

Tips on How to Get ready for an Interview

Are you anxious to experience an job interview? Are you not absolutely sure or do you wait when speaking to strangers? In any of this sort of issue you ought to test to stay tranquil. There is no need to have to stress. Just follow easy guidelines and continue being inform at the time of job interview. Be it a occupation or an admission job interview test to impress the interviewer by your expertise and self-assurance.

An Job interview is a specific and to the place discussion about a vocation prospect, a position or admission in a faculty or a university. It is a formal conference in which the two the interviewer and the prospect talk with each other to discuss related information and facts. The human source man or woman, or the head of any group interact with the applicant to decide the applicant about his or her capability, abilities and desires.

It is the primary responsibility of the interviewer to recruit a competent prospect. The applicable need to test to impress the interviewer by his or her traits. Provided down below are some suggestions to follow at the time of job interview.

Ought to Do

  1. You should prepare well on various questions that may possibly be suitable to your position or subject matter of research.
  2. Get ready solutions on queries associated to your get the job done working experience.
  3. Put on a official dress.
  4. Get acquainted with the task spot. Look for or survey the exact spot on the internet.
  5. Reach at minimum 10 minutes before the time of interview. You can get in touch with the business and request for instructions.
  6. If you have to fill up any application form, you must fill it accurately in neat handwriting.
  7. You ought to have an more copy of resume and a recent passport sizing photograph.
  8. You have to hold out until you are provided a chair to sit.
  9. Sit straight and do not lean.
  10. Continue to be notify all the way through the job interview.
  11. Manage an eye contact with the interviewer.
  12. Your physique language ought to be spectacular.
  13. You should really request clever concerns (about the occupation or the enterprise).
  14. Give prompt and to the level responses.
  15. Present that you are assured and enthusiastic. Your vitality amount should be high.
  16. Sell ​​your expertise by talking about your achievements.
  17. Chat with self-assurance in fluent English.

Hardly ever Do

1. Never dress in casual dress in an job interview.

2. Do not reach late. In scenario, you are not able to reach on time you must get in touch with the firm to inform the interviewer about it.

3. In no way convey absence of interest throughout the time of job interview.

4. Never be reluctant to reply. Any sort of nervousness will create a adverse impression about you.

5. Do not discuss about your weaknesses.

6. Do not sit dumb at the time of job interview. Be inquisitive and exhibit your curiosity. Check with deserving questions related to the career, or the company.

7. 1 need to not hurry to inquire about wage, depart policy and other guidelines until eventually the interviewer talk about these difficulties.

8. If you are hunting for a modify of job under no circumstances talk negative or give incorrect information about your coworkers, superiors, or bosses.

9. Do not chew gum or smoke cigarette in the job interview campus.

10. By no means lie but remain company.

11. Be self-confident and encounter the job interview neatly.

Most effective of Luck.

Source by Aparna Bedi Tiwari

Paid out For Surveys Rip-off Inform – Do You Know How to Stay clear of Paid out for Study Ripoffs?

If you use the world-wide-web at all, I am positive you’ve listened to of the paid for surveys scam web sites that check out to entice you into offering them your credit card quantities in exchange for a checklist of compensated surveys. In numerous instances, following you give your credit rating card figures and are charged an exorbitant membership cost, you get an out-of-date list that will in no way in a hundred many years make you more than enough income to recoup your membership cost.

It can be a genuine shame that these sites exist, simply because they have hurt a large amount of men and women and supplied the business in standard a bad name. It is terrible that the sector as a complete has a bad popularity when it has the prospective to make a lot of men and women a lot of dollars, all although operating from dwelling. I take place to know this very first hand, due to the fact I function as a paid surveyor.

I, much too, have fallen target to a paid for surveys scam or two. Soon after dropping dollars 2 times, I decided to do my research and give it a person final shot. I observed a several courses that were being legit web-site and points have seriously turned all-around.

To be honest, I have under no circumstances been happier with a selection. With on the web compensated surveys, I make nearly $3,500 each and every month performing from my living area. I under no circumstances pass up an episode of Typical Medical center and I do the job at my possess speed. As opposed to many of the other positions I’ve had, I under no circumstances really feel stressed out or frustrated about the do the job that I am accomplishing. I know that my work isn’t a further useless conclude placement where by I’m performing to make my boss rich even though I continue being weak.

Also, simply because I am my possess boss, I dictate my have hours, I make my own dollars and the function is honest and worthwhile. I know that my thoughts and opinions are being read by massive organizations that in any other case wouldn’t glance at me 2 times.

Source by Joseph Mills

The Occupation Of A Accredited Economical Planner

Due to the escalating advancement of prosperity in the globalized globe, as perfectly as the growing need for men and women to cope with their belongings, the vocation chances for licensed financial planner is consequential breeding. For instance, in India, much more folks are searching for the aid of a money advisor as the govt is providing plethora of financial booming prospects for its people today. India&#39s government assure income for extensive-phrase products and the margins are plainly divided from the tax incentives. Such a enormous exit sales opportunities to the require for systemic financial organizing.

From what has been pointed out, we can mark a sheer likely for economical planner profession. Nevertheless, every single position is subjected to its hardships and obstructions. The utmost significance in getting up these a skilled work is to be notify and diligent – inform to market place&#39s adjustments and calls for, diligent in trying to get details and understanding. They have to continuously up grade themselves within the macro and micro degree, just one case in point getting the requires of clients.

Inasmuch as a certified economic planner possesses the know-how to approach for many others, they should really be intelligent plenty of to use the theories into their have economical affairs. Although it may acquire a primary period to create up a job, what you need to have to plant in your head is absolute patience. Most people today functioning in the industry may perhaps use up to five or seven yrs to construct a stable foundation ahead of they witness boon in their business line. Neverheless, the finest return, claimed by expert planners is that their clientele arrive in good phrases, happy with their companies to assist them obtain money objectives.

If you want to split into the economic planner vocation, you have to kick off early. You can enroll into the plan immediately immediately after significant faculty and it does not penalize on a specialized prior discipline to go after to CFP qualification. Additionally, there are two solutions to pick on the conventional plan the place you search for instructional tutors although the other pathway is you challenge independent examine and you will need to seem only all through the remaining module exam.

Supply by Chris Cornell

Lighting Up a Seniors Life – Baby Boomer Alert!

Lighting for seniors requires attention to some specific details. When planning a lighting design for aging baby boomers we want to provide both adequate light to see clearly and a safe environment. With a combination of recessed, pendant, track and wall fixtures, these needs can be met. It is very important that certain areas be well lit. Areas like stairs and bathrooms where so many accidents occur or basements, which are usually dark. Kitchens require a great deal of light so food can be prepared safely.

It is fact that as we age our eyes needs change and we need more light to see properly. What may be suitable at 25 may not be good enough at 40 and what may work at 40, just won’t cut it at age 60. Task lighting can help in a kitchen by installing under cabinet lights. A good choice for under cabinet lights is fluorescent for the simple reason that they require very little maintenance. This is another important aspect to consider. We want to try to choose lighting that requires very little maintenance and does not require tools to change bulbs. Placing the light fixtures in a location that makes it easy to reach to change light bulbs is also a good choice. Wall sconces are a good choice to solve this problem. A wall sconce placed in a stairway for instance can provide light as well as eliminate the need for a ladder to change the light bulb.

Wall sconces can be a solution in other rooms as well. Two wall sconces; one on each side of the vanity does a great job of illuminating the room and ease of bulb replacement. Just be sure when choosing a fixture that the wall sconce has an open top or bottom so the bulb can be replaced without having to remove parts. A bar light above the vanity with exposed bulbs is another good alternative. The fixtures you want to try and avoid are those in which small screws need to be loosened or removed to get to the bulb.

Another point to consider is outdoor lighting for security. Be sure to provide plenty of light at all entrances and exits. These lights should also be on a timer or photocell so that they are on when needed. Someone may leave expecting to be home before dark and get delayed. In this case having the lights come on automatically will allow them to enter the house safely. Motion detectors can also be used in places that we don’t want to keep the lights on for extended periods. Areas like walkways along the side of a house or a path where the garbage is taken out. Driveways are another good location for a motion detector light.

In fixtures where changing a bulb is a little difficult, using a compact fluorescent is a good choice. With a compact fluorescent, the bulb will last as long as 3 years and sometimes longer. A great place for one is in a shower light, just be sure to get a big enough bulb to light the area adequately. Outside light fixtures are also a good choice unless you live in an area where the temperature gets below freezing a lot. Another place for fluorescent fixtures are closets, which can be extremely dark for an elderly person.

The key points to remember are to make sure all areas are adequately illuminated and use fixtures that require a minimum of maintenance.

Source by Paul Forte

What Not to Include in Your Curriculum Vitae

Did you know that there is such a thing as ‘over-share’ when it comes to applying for jobs? While most job seekers pride themselves in being forthcoming, there are certain things you simply should not include in your CV.

Let’s begin with your personal information and those demographic details that actually bear no relevance to your application. While some demographic information is requested for statistical purposes – or in South Africa for Employment Equity purposes – be sure that you are comfortable disclosing this information and that you do not feel that you might be discriminated against during the application process for having included it.

For instance, your marital or relationship status should have no relevance on your ability to do the job. It is also not necessary to disclose whether or not you have any dependants. Similarly, your age or religion should be of no concern to your future employers. The only time that you might choose to disclose your age is if you are nearing retirement and the company would therefore have to replace you in the very near future. You would of course also disclose if you are a minor – in which case you most likely shouldn’t be employing for full-time employment anyway. Unless you think that you might be getting a birthday card, don’t include your birthday either.

It is always a general guideline to exclude your Identity Number from your Curriculum Vitae in the interest of protecting your CV against identity theft. However, when you submit your CV to any online job portal, you will most likely be asked to enter your Identity Number in order to validate that you are a legitimate person and to prevent duplication of your profile on their databases. These portals usually protect your personal details with a secure login. However if you have the option to upload your own CV as an attachment to your profile, rather remove your ID from the uploaded CV portion anyway. If the recruiter needs it for any reason, they will request it from you.

You may be asked during an interview or on an application form to disclose your race and disability status. While you are not compelled to include this information in your original Curriculum Vitae, it is probably best you disclose this during the short-listing stage if asked, as many companies require this information in order to meet their Employment Equity hiring quotas. If you are in doubt as to why you must provide this information, simply ask the interviewer politely as to the relevance of this question.

To further protect your confidentiality, never include your residential address on your CV. It is sufficient to simply list your suburb or region. This will give the recruiter an idea of where you are located for interviewing purposes, but will not give away your full physical address. If the recruiter needs it in order to present you with an offer, they can request this from you later.

It is alarming to see how many job applicants think that their outside interests and hobbies are actually of any interest to the recruiter. If the recruiter really wants to know how you entertain yourself after hours or what your interests are beyond work then they will most likely ask these questions during the interview stage.

Your initial Curriculum Vitae should be concise and to the point describing your skills and abilities in relation to the job you are applying to. It is therefore not necessary to list all your high school achievements or accolades either. Unless you are a recent school-lever, this information is less important to a recruiter when considering your ability to perform in the job.

It is often considered distasteful to include your photograph on your CV. Not only does it appear somewhat tacky, it could also be considered as discriminatory should a recruiter judge an applicant on their appearance in the photograph. Your skills should market your suitability for the job, your presentation skills will be considered at the interview stage. Don’t afford recruiters an opportunity to judge you before they have even screened your CV or had the opportunity to let you sell yourself in the interview.

Your medical history is also not required on your CV. Whether or not you have a medical condition should not be used against or for you during the initial application phase. If for any reason you do suffer from a medical condition that might require the company to revisit their office access, or where you might be required to be absent for extended periods of time, then you might choose to disclose this during a final interview, certainly not upfront in your CV.

The same goes for your criminal status. While it is best to be honest, including any mention of a criminal record is not necessary in your CV. If the recruiter has a policy on criminal backgrounds, then they will mention this during the interview or screening phase. If you have been asked to disclose your criminal status, and you have been convicted of an offense, it is best to be honest about it. Unless you were convicted for an offense directly relating to the inherent requirement of the job (i.e. you were convicted for fraud and you are applying for position in accounts), then the recruiter may not discriminate against you. Most financial institutions in South Africa have a strict policy against this, but again it is not necessary to put this into your CV. If asked, only then do you disclose this level of information.

Now that we have covered the personal and demographic information, there is one more tip that we leave you with: Never ever bad mouth your previous employer or boss in your CV. If your reason for leaving was due to a bad relationship with your previous employer, simply list your reason for leaving as ‘to be discussed in the interview’ and only then explain the reason for your conflict – still, not slating them in the interview as this will make you look bad, even if you were not the evil one in the relationship.

Remember, at all times be honest and never misleading, and let your strengths be what stands out first in order to secure the interview.

Source by Gillian Meier

How the Electronic Hiring Process Hinders the Path to Employment

The hiring process has evolved from a simple person-to-person interaction to a nationwide user testing experience with automated, electronic job application software designed to search and delete prospective job seekers with simplicity and ease. Gone are the days when a personal referral from an associate guaranteed an interview. Now, a referral means an endorsement on an electronic application where job applicators endorse each other with the push of a keyboard key.

The Hiring Process: Step One

The "hiring process" is excruciating. The hiring process has always been difficult even during less trying times; however, now, with automation and the increase of software development packages that created electronic job boards complete with electronic job alerts, we have managed to further complicate this hiring process and de-energize the motivated job-seeker as well. We have perpetuated the downsized economy through sophisticated software designed to thwart rather than simplify the process of connecting job-seeker with job-giver.

Press Enter and Wait

We turn-keyed what was previously a simple meet-and-greet into a full-fledged full-time exercise in data entry. Endless hours have been consumed while we anxiously enter our private and confidential information information into electronically formatted documents for international distribution through a world-wide-web to electronically network with "prospective employers."

Prospective Employers are Elusive

Prospect employers are elusive. The requirements required to simply apply for a job with a two-page, typewritten resume, now requires extensive experience completing online job applications in our attempts to leap and bound with electronic efficiency.

Now, instead of simply attaching an electronic resume to an electronic email application system, we must first learn several different software applications to create multiple user accounts in addition to completing a positive personality profile in order to more efficiently and effectively participate in the electronic hiring process . The process is exhausting.

Hiring Process Thoroughly Automated

The hiring process is now thoroughly automated and systemized to the point of creating job-hunting fatigue. We further systematized the process and wrote the software to maintain the rules. What was once promised to be a faster and better method of introducing the job-seeker to the job-giver, only proved to be an excruciating electronic process requiring more patience than any job-seeker bought to possess.

Typing Score

As a 30-year veteran in the software development industry, there was a time when my skills were considered valuable. Now, with just a quick-read of a job description, it looks, I am no longer even qualified to perform data entry – and I can type 90 wpm with a 2% error rate.

I know my typewriting score because sometime during the 1980s, I was tested by a newly developed software application that monitored my keyboard skills. I was required to take this simple test when I applied for a job as a technical writer. I had not applied for a job as a typist or even a data entry operator; however, as part of the hiring process I was required to take a typing test before I could interview with the recruiter. So I took the test.

Typing Test Completed

After completing the typing test, I was informed of my score by the receptionist and, therefore, permitted to enter the office of the recruiter for the scheduled interview. This completed Step 2 of the hiring process.

My typing score was acceptable and, therefore, allowed me access to the closed-door session where I was then questioned about my experience using WordPerfect and, the newly released competitor, "MicroSoft" Word text processing software application. This was before Microsoft downsized the "s" in their corporate name and changed the spelling to "Microsoft." This was also at a time when Bill Gates wore long-hair and looked like a hippie. Bill Gates grow up to look like a yuppie. Nonetheless, my typing ability is not the problem. The problem, it looks, is that I no longer have "current 'experience in whatever position I apply for and, therefore, disqualified due to longevity.

My typing skills have improved through the years, however. I can now compose almost as fast as I can type. I can type almost as fast as I can talk. I learned how to blog. I hope my journalism professors are impressed. I did read the chapter in the textbook about journalism ethics and do try to keep pace but, hey, what else am I going to do while I wait for an automated emailed reply to my online job inquiry?

Automated Email Reply Message

The automated emailed reply may or may not arrive in my electronic inbox. If it does, however, I no longer read every word; instead, I promptly move it to one of my electronic folders to be saved for possible return due to the off-chance that someone may later contact me about a job I applied for three months ago.

For those occasions when I do receive an automated emailed reply, the response is rapid.

Many of these online answers to my online job inquiry arrive within seconds after submission. The software application that receives my online job application quickly responds to the news about my availability in the job market and sends a reply upon receipt of my electronic resume or electronic job application form. Faster processing does not guarantee better results.

Upon arrival in my electronic inbox, the automated emailed reply typically assures me that the company received my resume or that I have completed all of the tasks required by the online job application form. Each automated emailed reply typically contains a paragraph or two informing me about their "firing policies" and, thus, the "next step" in the "hiring process."

The Electronic Job Application Form: Next Step

The next step in the hiring process always requires more time and more information from me than the first step did. The next step always takes longer than the first step. The next step is usually a requirement that I provide more information to the prospective employer and, thereby, inform the prospective employer about everything about me that I have learned or may have accomplished since kindergarten – in 400 words or less.

The next step is always more complicated, time consuming and undeniably tedious. The next step can take up to 30 minutes of more of my time only for me to discover how many remaining steps there might be. This is always exciting to know. Sometimes there can be 15 or so more steps to perform during each phase of the hiring process.

Do Not Reply Email Addresses

In addition, these types of automated emailed replies to my job inquiry typically arrive with a "no-reply" email address. This is always an encouraging sign also. These "no-reply" email addresses further complicate the hiring process while simultaneously preventing the job-seeker from bothering the prospective employer. Acts of enthusiasm really are not welcomed by the prospective employer. Employers really do not want job-seekers to display acts that show enthusiasm or eagerness. Prospective employers, or the middle-man software that represents them, simply wants my resume in their database so that they can sell other companies on the size of their database compared to someone else's database so that they appear bigger and better to prospective employers who may or may not need to hire a qualified person to perform menial tasks for small wages. Bigger is always better in the eyes of the beholder.

Odds Always Favor the House

The prospective employer always has the upper-hand also. The prospective employer, like anyone with gold in their pocket, can compel the prospective job candidate to perform the next step in the hiring process by merely suggesting that one can not win if one does not play. Job-hunting is similar to gambling. The odds always favor the house.

More Requirements

In order to move forward in the hiring process, the job-seeker must perform the required tasks to gain favor with each new and exciting software application. The job candidate must perform the next step in the hiring process before the job candidate will be allowed to perform the next step. The next step is always a critical step with promises that this might be the last step in the hiring process.

The next step always requires that the job-candidate devote more time by spending approximately one to two hours per job by entering additional personal data, employment history and other critical information into yet another customized database in search of the "finished" button and, therefore , be permitted to submit the electronic information for further processing and keyword verification. Many of these same software applications do not permit me to copy and paste my information into the appropriate box, however. This would be too easy. Most of these types of databases require that I straight-type-text it too; adding additional time and stress to my already wear work load.

More Information Required

For those job-seekers seeking technical writing jobs, the hiring process is further complicated with additional requests for more information and threats of discontinuance if the job candidate is not forthcoming with the appropriate documentation. If the job-seeker happens to be searching for "web-content 'writing jobs, the hiring company will request a few samples of previously written work so that they can compare one person's blog to someone else's blog in order to determine whether the blog is original, creative and can pass a "Copyscape" test and, therefore, determine whether the writer is qualified to ghostwrite short blogs about the benefits of vitamin supplements as part of our "no drugs" social campaign.

Then, to add insult to injury, the hiring company offers to pay one penny a word to any ghostwriter worth their salt as though this is a salary worth competing for. But, no, this is not enough, the hiring company will often require potential job-seekers to take a writing test or submit some personal essay telling them why we are the "best one for the job." These types of writing samples are typically required to be about 500 words or less. Writers are supposedly to be concise.

Then, to make matters even worse, some companies require that I include three personal and professional references before they even read my resume or scheduled an interview. My personal and professional references do not have time for them either – some of them still have jobs and, therefore, do not need to waste their time speaking on the telephone to a job recruiter on someone else's behalf. Time is money to them too.

Social Security Number Required

Many companies even go so far as to require my social security number to be entered in the proper field before the software will permit me to move to the next task in the hiring process and, therefore, permit me to enter even more data that no one will likely read. The form must be properly filled-out, however, according to some undisclosed field requirement or to meet Boolean expectations. Rules are rules. The rules are now automated too.

Built Own Website

In response to what I now know to be the never-ending hiring process, I have since built my own website. I originally created my own website to have a place to store and display my "electronic portfolio" so that I would have prepared with a complete library of writing samples to show prospective employers. I wanted to be ready. I had been developing internal websites for major corporations before HTML was a buzz word and before anyone knew what a WYSIWYG is or what GUI meant – so this was a reliably easy task. I just had to experiment with three or four different free websites before I found a template and webhost that would suit my needs. This took several months of online activity. Grace be to WordPress.

Once I had a new website, the next step in the job-hunting process was to add content. To solve this problem, I searched through my electronic filing cabinet on my C: drive to retrieve previously written work that was in electronic format. I also needed work that I owned the copyright to. I needed samples that were not included in some contractual obligations with a previous employer as part of a confidentiality or nondisclosure employment agreement.

C: Drive Search for Sample Work

The search of my C: drive explained in some leftover academic papers that even professors find boring so, of course, these papers needed rewritten to conform to a different set of writing styles that would be consumed by consumers who are more accustom to AP and not APA guidelines. So, I had to rewrite many of my previously written papers just so that I could post them on my website to show that I did know how to write or, at least, type. I had to make sure that each comma did not conflict with the recommended use of a semicolon. Each word had to be read and, sometimes, re-read to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Details are important.

In a rush to respond to the latest job posting, I subsequently returned to my standard two-page resume prepared to attach it with a moment's notice. I downsized my resume by reverting to the two-page version versus the ten-page curriculum vitae I had been using while attending graduate school working towards completion of a master's degree and to show prospective employers that, although still unemployed, I had still maintained a positive attitude and remained productive while simultaneously working towards upgrading my marketability in the current job market. Recruiters often failed to read this portion of my resume, however, and frequently asked what I have been doing all of these years. They seldom read my entire resume to locate the section about my education and, then, did not know the answer prior to asking the question.

Attach Resume

My resume was previously written to be read by a human and not just another software application designed to weed-out the deadwood by performing keyword searches and matches. In addition, I returned to using my standard two-page resume by choosing the one I wrote for human consumption because, as a writer, my resume is also suppose to reflect my skills as a person who can translate complex subject-matter into an easy -to-read format that even a sixth-grader could understand. I wanted something simple.

But, no, my resume still got lost in the data that no one ever mines for anyway. Or, if it is read by a recruiter, the recruiter simply scans the information in search of someone who is "more suited" or someone who is a "better fit" so that they can "move forward" in the "hiring process" without including me. This decision is frequently made by a recruiter who seldom even knows what a technical writer does, but if the resume does not contain the exact keywords for the recruiter to mix-and-match with the current job requisite form sitting in their electronic inbox, the recruiter will quickly discard my resume in preference for the next resume. Production levels are measured according to the number of resumes a recruiter can discard per hour. Keywords hold the key.

Software Restrictions

Software restrictions also prompted me from submitting the lengthier curriculum vitae I had been using in preference of the typical, two-page resume. Beside, I now have trouble keeping track of how many pages my resume is suppose to be or how many bytes are allowed before before I am considered wordy or too extravagant with memory. So, I downsized my resume to comply with the business rules in order to continue to submit online applications for storage in an unknown web-based application that someone else can search and retire in hopes that someone might actually read my resume and, therefore, maybe make me a job offer – provided I complete the online job-application and each step in the hiring process. Provisions; provisions.

So, after spending many months and, now, many years trying to keep track of which qualifications I had that most suited the current prospective employer, I returned to using my standard resume. I did add color, however, for the eye-catching flare that is suppose to show someone that I also know how to use the latest version of Microsoft Word.

Multi-tasking while Job Hunting

Then, while I waited for the next automated emailed reply to arrive in my electronic inbox, I wrote.

Three months later, I noticed that I had been spending more time writing than completing online job applications. I had begun writing and submitting magazine articles as another job-hunting strategy to "gain exposure" and show-off my typing skills. I also wanted more content for my website figuring that quantity was now more important than quality. I also considered this a better use of my time than waiting for some potential employer to make me a job offer. Beside, as an experienced multi-tasker, I already knew how to keep two Windows open while I try to close one door.

Published Articles

Then, after the publication of over 30 magazine articles with one online magazine company, I started applying for jobs as a web-content writer. I was ready. My website is now filled with articles and blogs. So, I took another step and compiled a book. I have since published two books. Each is now available in either eBook or printed format and available online through an online eStore. I stayed current with the times.

Submit Online Profiles

So, now, instead of submitting online resumes, I submit online author profiles. By this time next year, I might learn a little more about SEO and online marketing and, then, maybe sell a book to a potential reader of nonfiction.

Source by Merlene Reynolds

Why Job Agencies Are Important In Rural Areas

When the economy weakens, everyone suffers. Wherever you live, you will know people who have been looking for a job for a long time or people who have recently been made redundant. Though for people living in cities this is a very challenging time, finding work in a rural community is far more difficult.

Finding a Job In A City

When you are looking for a job in a city you have lots of different options. On almost every street you will find numerous job agencies and a short internet search will show up lots of different job openings. Once you’ve decided which one’s you would like to apply for you can spend just a single morning hand delivering all your applications. When it comes to an interview, it is likely that you won’t have far to go.

Finding A Job In A Rural Location

Finding a job in a rural environment is far more difficult. Due to there being fewer companies there are much fewer jobs available. As a result, any jobs that are available are likely to be a long distance away.

This distance means that it difficult to find the jobs in the first place. To find the jobs yourself, you will need to check all of the local press as well as searching for multiple locations on the internet. Also, due to jobs being found more by word of mouth in rural areas, finding a job that is remote from where you live is made even more difficult.

Using Job agencies

Job agencies make looking for a job in a rural area much easier. Due to their knowledge of the local job market they will be able to alert you to any vacancies in the wider local area. If these positions are suitable they may even be able to set you up with interviews so you have to do a minimal amount of travelling.

If you are struggling to find work in a rural area, using a good job agency could make a real difference, whatever industry you are in.

Source by Tom Pearson

Attending A Job Interview – Dont Put Yourself in A Box

When attending a job interview, most people always think of what to say to blow the interviewer away, just so we get the job. In your mind, you become a high flyer when it’s time to sell yourself to the panel of the HR specialist and Top Management Team conducting the interview, you start reeling out your best rehearsed achievements in your field of specialization.

When attending an interview, apart from researching about the company, you also need to research on the internal structure and staff welfare package of the company. These, will guide you better if asked the almighty question about salary expectation. Because this question could either make you settle for less or make you scream Hallelujah!

In most cases, while Mr. B’s answer seems very apt, in reality it is not any better from Mr. A’s response. You want to know why? I will tell you why from my own personal experiences over the years.

So you nailed the interview and you also got them to pay you within the salary range you requested for, let’s say maybe N1M (One Milion Nigerian Naira) Per Annum. You dress nicely to pick up your employment letter, which states all the additional benefits, like housing, utility, entertainment, transportation, bonus etc., and then your heart is beating so fast with joy and you can’t wait for the resumption day to come, so that you can prove to your employer they made the right choice. Fast forward to one month after the job, and you get that first credit alert you have been waiting for, then the true reality sets in. Pension deducted 8% that is employee, tax deducted between 10%-20% of monthly gross (you are on your own is the company is tax compliant), Bonus of 3% to be paid at the end of the financial year. Congrats Mr. B, your take home has now become your nightmare because you negotiated your Annual Gross Income only.

The scenario above has happened to practically everyone I know living in Nigeria, especially within the Lagos Metropolis. I know you are nodding your head now in agreement to this scenario. So what is the solution and way out of this reoccurring event that has played out in most of our lives?

You are welcome to the new Nigeria, where you have to always dot your i’s and cross your t’s at every given opportunity. When next you are asked that very important life defining question at an interview, all you need to do is to be very specific and in clear terms negotiate your take home, that is your Net after all deductions. The Gross they arrive at, is the company’s cup of tea and not yours. Whatever deductions on taxes pension or just name it is their cross, as long as they are able to pay for what you have requested for on a monthly basis, and then both parties are fine. In most cases we like the sound of the Gross pay, because it’s round and bogus and sounds pleasing to the heart and soul, but in reality, the shock that comes with it, will leave you speechless for the next couple of months, and instead of you to settle into your new job, employees begin to plan the next move.

Don’t get caught up in those fancy packages, they are mostly deducted from your Gross pay, the next time you are asked the salary expectation question, remember to talk about your take home(Net earnings) in clear terms.

Source by Abiodun Akintolu

Legal Or Law Jobs

Legal jobs are difficult to obtain due to the competition around. Legal (law) jobs in reputed companies pay a very good salary and amazing benefit packages. This increases the demand of the job profile and if you want to make sure you are selected, stay alert and have a competitive approach to the job. Thousands of law firms need people to do legal attorney jobs but there are hundreds of thousands of applicants for these jobs. You must have that edge and urge to top the best to be in the legal sector.

Stay Ahead

If you are a law graduate and are concerned about your future, do not waste your time in worrying. Enter a firm or take up a job under a senior advocate to gain financial independence as well as practical experience. This will boost up your qualifications. Studying law is a long time process and being successful here needs commitment, sincere hard work and a determination to be the best. Finance and time are two important factors.

Manage both subtly by working part time during your law school. By the time you leave school, you will know a lot more practical things about the law sector than your batch-mates. You should have a strong background of fluent reading and writing, mathematics and logic, and understanding and reasoning.

Being affluent in technological programs like Microsoft Word and Windows is mandatory. In today's competitive world, you should b aware of all advances in every field and computer work is basic necessity for that. Proper knowledge of the internet usage and data base usage are a necessity as well. You must be able to type 60 wpm. Stay alert and get updated about latest law amendments and social issues.

Personal Traits

Empathizing nature, an urge to solve problems and help others and guide people are the basic ethical hits needed for a person seeking lawyer employment. Practically, you need to reason, understand and solve problems well. Good argument forming and debating abilities are necessary for legal or law jobs. Passion for being the best will make you succeed.

Patience and hard work coupled intelligence is required. Ability to with troubled problems and depressions and to stay focused and determined permanently crisis is a very important trait for jobs as a lawyer. If you have these qualifications and are interested in growing your career, go for the Law.

Various Types of Lawyer Employment

Legal or law jobs are usually attorney jobs. But there are many types of attorney jobs available today in which certain attorneys specialize. This narrows down your work field and allows you to concentrate on that particular field and build up confidence and experience in it to make you successful as well as make clients benefit with your knowledge and experience.

Corporate attorney jobs, real estate attorney jobs, patent attorney jobs, analyst attorney jobs, general counsel jobs, contract attorney jobs, legal consultant jobs, legal secretary jobs are all variants of legal (law) jobs. These are the most in demand. Choose your field of specialization to succeed. If you want to experience change and challenge, and want to experience all of it, it's yours.

Source by Silas Reed

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