Although few years ago there was a sitcom of the same name, this GRACE is of an entirely different nature. We've all encountered situations at work, during family events and during the course of everyday living that were unfair, or were unjustly accused of something or an interaction with a colleague or boss that at left you wondering how they ever get the job in the first place. Your hot button is pushed and you react with a defensive retort, or end of justifying what you did as your voice gets higher and tighter and you seethe the rest of the day. How much better would the day go if at the beginning of your day you take an inventory of how GRACEful you feel?

The principle of GRACE :

G = Grounded
R = Relaxed
A = Alert / Aware
C = Centered
E = Energized

Grounded: What are some spiritual routines / or practices that would help you feel more grounded? One practice that I use daily is to stand with feet flat on the floor, take several deep breaths and tune in to where my energy is. Is it in my body? Is it scattered? Once I determine where it is, I then visualize my energy returning to my body filling me up internally from my feet up to my head. I then bring my hands together to seal in the energy. Find an activity / practice that resonates with you to increase your connection to the present.

Relaxed: "to become less stiff and stern in manner. Easier in manner". Staying in the present and with an open heart is inherent for a relaxed manner. As we practice being in a relaxed state our mirror cells will communicate with the mirror cells of others and a tense situation can definitely more calm.

Alert / Aware: There are numerous studies that show that a high percentage of Americans are sleep deprived. The first creative habit that can be put into practice to being more alert the next day is to get a good and restful night's sleep. Turning off the TV and computer a full 30 minutes before going to bed is one of the simplest habits to put into place. Wind down time is very important prior to bedtime. What other changes can be made that would benefit you in getting a good night's sleep?

Centered: I think of centered as being in equilibrium. No matter what the day brings you are able to keep your internal balance coming from a sense of your own deep heart based power. The sense of who you are, the total acceptance of who you are springs from the solid foundation of self-love in the highest and purest sense.

Energized: What is the core feeling that you want to radiate throughout each and every day? When coaching my clients, I borrow a term from quantum physics and ask what is your energetic calling card?

At the start of a new day, look inward to determine if you are feeling grAceful, GRaceful, or maybe GrAce. With greater attention, you will find ways to be equally full of GRACE .

How might feeling graceful make a difference in how you approach or respond to a situation ?

Source by Colleen Crook