SEO When it comes to marketing your brand online, search is a great place to start. Through the implementation of a comprehensive SEO strategy, Kuno Creative recently helped a large university significantly improve its organic rankings and traffic. Our keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO tactics combined to increase keyword rankings by 39 percent, while also improving organic traffic by 36 percent during the past year.


This growth in organic visibility resulted in a 126 percent increase in new contacts through the organic channel, which ultimately led to more student enrollments and revenue for our client.

Want to learn how we did it? Read our step-by-step process for delivering SEO results.

Keyword Research

With all the talk in the SEO world about the many strategies for improving your organic position, it’s easy for SEO marketing companies to overlook the fact that the foundation of SEO is still keyword research. Kuno helps you master the art of finding highly relevant keywords for your business that drive not only organic traffic but also new customers. This keyword research is a vital part of improving your website pages as well as implementing a content strategy that drives results.

At Kuno, we use tools like SEMrush to help us build a keyword map that identifies each page of your website and the keywords we’d like that page to rank for as a first step. We’ll create this map by analyzing the keywords you are currently ranking for and then identifying new keywords your competitors are ranking for.

These two lists will be combined to incorporate a comprehensive collection of keywords that keeps your business goals and objectives top of mind while also capitalizing on SEO opportunities. This keyword map would then be used throughout the campaign to optimize each of the pages on your website, as well as being leveraged during the creation of blog content.

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Technically Optimized Website

An engaging, clean layout is ideal for increasing time on site for visitors and reducing their chances of “bouncing” off your page and back into the SERP.

Aligning your website pages and content with the keywords users are searching for will only help improve this bounce rate. Search engines like Google reward these well-designed sites for having answers that are easy to find within easy navigation of the pages. The better the user experience is with your website, the better your chances for success with SEO.

Nothing frustrates users more than navigating to a page only to land on a 404 error. At Kuno, we use site audit capabilities like those offered by SEMrush to maximize the SEO health of your website, which improves user experience and overall organic rankings.

Quality Content Creation

Content creation should not be executed in a silo. We are always considering client goals and objectives while incorporating the latest in SEO best practices to maximize every piece of content we publish.

Quality content creation helps your company differentiate itself and offer value to your customers. Leveraging keyword research to build content around highly relevant topics or keywords people are searching for helps improve your website visibility and drive new organic visitors and conversions to the site.

We use several different tools to identify broad match keyword opportunities that answer a question or provide value to users when building out our keyword map with new blog content. We look to create this content around keywords with relevant monthly search volume and a keyword difficulty score that is attainable to rank. Our content and SEO teams align on the best keyword opportunities for our clients on each piece of content we produce while structuring effective internal linking within those articles.

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Brand Monitoring and Backlinks

Incorporating a successful backlinking strategy is another aspect of our well-rounded SEO campaign. As an SEO company, Kuno leverages tools to identify unlinked brand mentions throughout the web that have the opportunity to be highly valuable backlinks. We also explore other strategies and link outreach programs specific to your business and industry to help expand and improve your backlink profile and organic ranking.