Charisma in interviews and job searches can land you the job. Job interviews can take their toll on a person, leaving their confidence levels low, and it is essential to have a high degree of charisma to increase the chances of success and the probability of hire.

While you may not be the charismatic type, charisma is something that each individual can develop, and in the business world, charisma can mean your success or failure. Business is not only about technical skills, it is about people skills, as well, and it is essential to take the time to polish those people skills, and develop yourself into that charismatic individual that the employer wants as part of the team.

How to Use Charisma in Interviews and Job Searches

Stay in tune with job searches that offer opportunities for you. Employers network in a number of ways, job fairs, business forums, conferences, luncheons and so on. It is crucial that you take the opportunity to present yourself through your presence and make contacts and connections. Job searches are about making the contacts that may get you in the door. Charisma plays a crucial role, and you need the power to attract. Your confidence level should be high, not egotistical, but high, your body language in tune with your speech, and you should be alert. You want a strong impression that connects employers personally, emotionally and intellectually. Be prepared to present yourself, with business cards, and ask questions that require the employer to answer with extensiveness.

When you have a job interview be sharp. Conduct yourself, without being cocky, as though you are a part of the company, a part of the team. This will take some research on your part in regards to the company but will benefit you, as you will hold the interest of the employer or hiring agent and give them the sense of what it will be like working with you.

During your interview, part of your role is to persuade the employer to hire you. Use passion, animation and stories to help persuade the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job. Often, the employer will ask you something specific that is relevant to your experience and credential and ability to fit in with the company. Be enthusiastic and channel positive energy to the employer. You want to inspire the employer and encourage the employer to hire you. Demonstrate your accomplishments, your attributes, your education and intellect, your knowledge, and your experience. Be confident, and allow your body language to back up your speech with the right movements and the right gestures.

When you are able to bring charisma into a job search or job interview you further your chances of success. Charisma is for the business world, as well, and you will find that great, effective leaders possess the power of charisma. Charismatic individuals have the talent to use their personality, determination and fortitude to achieve success, and land the job that they search for, or interview for.

Source by Andre Thuna