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Choosing the Right Builder Loan

Choosing the right builder loan for a large commercial project can make the difference between a healthy profit and breaking even on a build. Shopping for a lender can be a complicated process. While the cost of the financing is one consideration, the experience and ability of the lender can be a tipping point. The right lender has the experience within the industry to not only complete due diligence and regular inspections but to offer advice and support throughout the build or rehabilitation of the property.


Once a lender has been chosen, there are several ways a builder loan can be structured. Interim financing covers the construction phase, offering a short-term solution. Interim products are best suited to situations in which the builder needs funds distributed on a regular schedule to cover supplies, labor, and other costs during the build. This plan works well on projects for which the client is able to acquire a full mortgage upon completion of the build. Due to the uncertain nature of construction, considerations for delays are normally built into the contract. Regular inspections help ensure the project stays on track and gives the builder valuable input.

Flexibility Advantage

The biggest advantage of interim products is flexibility. Funds can be released on an agreed-upon schedule, which can be adjusted as needed. The lender is actively involved, which provides extra support throughout the build. A potential con is the amount of work that goes into the process of acquiring funds. A rigorous projection of the work to be done and the scope of the job is necessary. The preplanning stage can be a blessing in disguise, however. A detailed, well-researched plan can alert the builder to potential challenges.

By contrast, long-term real estate loans are more traditionally structured, lump sum builder loans. The interest rates may be fixed, variable, or adjustable, depending on the borrower’s preference. Typically, a long-term loan covers about 80 percent of the total cost of the project, leaving the lender to acquire the other 20 percent. One option for borrowers to ensure a reliable source of funding is a real estate investment trust or REIT. The REIT is populated by investors who earn interest over time. In this way, the builder can minimize costs while ensuring the cash flow is sufficient throughout the completion of the build.

Economic Considerations

The type of builder loan that’s best suited for each individual job depends on the project, the client, and the economic climate of the area. In a strong economy, a more traditional loan structure makes sense. The more flexible and creative interim product is the right choice for projects that have been carefully planned and organized for maximum efficiency.

A lending company with its finger on the pulse of local economics and experience in the industry is the best choice for a partner to complete a project most efficiently and at the lowest cost. Choosing the right lender means gaining a partner who is capable of supporting the building process and maximizing profit and client satisfaction.

Source by Andrew Stratton

3 Most Popular Online Job Boards

Nowadays, it seems like there is a job board for everything. There are sites that specialize in certain industries such as accounting and finance, information technology, health care, and education among others. There are also those that cater to businesses that are looking for independent contractors or remote workers. On the other hand, a number of websites only posts openings for selected job levels such as entry-level, mid-management, and top executives.

With such a myriad range of choices, the question that often comes to mind is, “Where do I begin?” It might actually be a good idea to check out traditional job boards first including Career Builder, Indeed, and These three are among the three most popular online job boards. They also have millions of members, making them an attractive place for employers to post their vacancies.

In this article, we’ll look deeper into the three job boards, what they offer, and what differentiates them from all other sites offering the same service.

Career Builder

This site is a top job site with thousands of job vacancies posted in a variety of categories. Job seekers can search for openings based on job category (finance, engineering, technology, etc), qualifications required (undergraduate, MBA, etc), employment type (full-time, part-time, contractor, seasonal), location, and salary range. Career Builder should be one of the first sites you visit.

The company has also partnered with Tribune, Gannett, Knight Ridder, and many other newspapers to provide job listings on a local and national scale. It also has online job centers for over 1,000 partners including MSN and America Online. If you think you have a good chance of finding a job in Career Builder, you may want to invest in enhancing your profile. The site will display your resume higher during employers’ job search.

Indeed has received a lot of accolades for its functionalities. It has been featured by PC Magazine, PC World, and Time Magazine among others for its ability to provide an effective job search engine to job seekers. The website basically compiles the information it gathers from thousands of websites, blogs, classified ads, company career pages, and associations.

A lot of job seekers subscribe to the site’s daily alert to receive the details of new jobs that are posted within their industry. Indeed also provides comprehensive information about salaries and employment trends. There is a discussion forum where people can interact with each other.


When it comes to scale, is definitely something of a giant. The site remains as a premier destination for job seekers and employers because it offers high-quality employment solutions. There is a helpful community within the site that provides helpful information about your industry and job trends.

For those who need additional career assistance, Monster also provides a wide array of related services including career assessment and resume writing among others. If you’re a fan of social media sites, it might be a good idea to add to your network to be updated about developments.

Source by Jason Kay

Returnable Packaging Alert – The Top 10 Ways To Save Money On Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

While the most common type of thermoformed packaging for industrial applications is a heavy duty thermoformed tray, other options include clamshells, lids for returnable sleeve packs made from plastic corrugated, and pallets. Whichever you choose to use depends entirely upon what you want it to do. Choosing a method that conforms specifically to your needs can help save money in the long run, since your product will be packaged according to exact specifications. Here is a list of some other ways to save money using heavy gauge thermoforming:

1. Before placing an order, provide a sample of the product to be packaged to your supplier. This way, your supplier can design trays that meet the exact specifications of your product. You'll also get a more accurate, better-designed initial quote.

2. Plan ahead. Because thermoformed keys are typically custom-made, it can take a bit longer to fill an order. If you wait until the last minute to order, you will incur a lot of charges that could have avoided if you planned ahead.

3. Determine whether or not you can stack additional weight on top of your product. If this is possible, your thermoformed trays will not need to be as deep. This means smaller trays made with less plastic, which means a basic cost savings for you.

4. Order thermoformed trays that are stackable and nestable, so they will stack on top of each other when loaded with product, and nest inside each other when empty. These take up less space, are easier to store, and also can help save money on shipping costs.

5. Have trays marked with a one-inch stripe on their sides. This will help operators identify when a tray is fully loaded or empty, which can save time and labor costs.

6. Before production, ask for concept sketches and dimensions of your thermoformed trays. This way, everyone will be clear on what is required versus what is being ordered and produced. It there is an error, it is easier to fix during concept design rather than after the returnable packaging is already produced.

7. Make a production tool instead of a wood prototype tool for thermoformed trays. Prototype tooling is time consuming – it can take up to two weeks! Production tooling can be modified and adjusted, speeding up overall design and production time. This also saves from having to pay the additional cost of a wooden prototype, which is completely useless after the job is completed.

8. Once tooling is complete, evaluate plastic thicknesses by having thermoformed tray samples made. If your product can be supported by a thinner material, save money by ordering thinner plastic.

9. Stamp thermoformed trays with an identification mark with company name, address, phone number, and other important information. This will ensure the returnable packaging is returned to the correct address.

10. When you no longer need your thermoformed trays or they become obsolete, ask suppliers to buy them back for recycling. The price paid will be a scrap value, but anything is better than nothing!

In closing, heavy gauge thermoforming is a cost effective and efficient form of returnable packaging. These tips will help you communicate with your packaging producer and keep your costs to a minimum.

Source by David Marinac

Advantages of Job Portals

The biggest advantage of a Job portal is that there is no fee for the job seeker. Websites like thrive on the money that the companies pay to register with them. The job seeker just has to select the company he likes and apply to them. Of course if a person wants to avail of other services like the resume service then he will have to pay extra.

Portals are well organized and more often than not really help people get jobs. Most of them have a basic sign up procedure where the candidate can upload the resume and fill out all the important details about their educational backgrounds, skills and work experience. Everything is done in an orderly fashion and candidates can manages their own profiles and customize the site to meet their needs. One of the biggest advantages of a job portal is the fact that you can avoid certain companies or employers. If you don’t wish for them to see your profile you can simple blacklist them.

However, there are so many portals and so many jobs between them that it becomes difficult to manually apply for these jobs from each and every job portal on the internet. A quicker way of doing this would be to procure a program from the net which can search for jobs through all these many sites and show the results in one window. There is software out there which makes it possible for job seekers to find hundreds of opportunities in and around their areas and reply to these postings with a cover letter and the resume with just a few clicks. Software of this nature usually keeps the user informed with email alerts and reduces the time spent on job hunting.

Source by Saira A Varawalla

How to Use Charisma in Interviews and Job Searches

Charisma in interviews and job searches can land you the job. Job interviews can take their toll on a person, leaving their confidence levels low, and it is essential to have a high degree of charisma to increase the chances of success and the probability of hire.

While you may not be the charismatic type, charisma is something that each individual can develop, and in the business world, charisma can mean your success or failure. Business is not only about technical skills, it is about people skills, as well, and it is essential to take the time to polish those people skills, and develop yourself into that charismatic individual that the employer wants as part of the team.

How to Use Charisma in Interviews and Job Searches

Stay in tune with job searches that offer opportunities for you. Employers network in a number of ways, job fairs, business forums, conferences, luncheons and so on. It is crucial that you take the opportunity to present yourself through your presence and make contacts and connections. Job searches are about making the contacts that may get you in the door. Charisma plays a crucial role, and you need the power to attract. Your confidence level should be high, not egotistical, but high, your body language in tune with your speech, and you should be alert. You want a strong impression that connects employers personally, emotionally and intellectually. Be prepared to present yourself, with business cards, and ask questions that require the employer to answer with extensiveness.

When you have a job interview be sharp. Conduct yourself, without being cocky, as though you are a part of the company, a part of the team. This will take some research on your part in regards to the company but will benefit you, as you will hold the interest of the employer or hiring agent and give them the sense of what it will be like working with you.

During your interview, part of your role is to persuade the employer to hire you. Use passion, animation and stories to help persuade the employer that you are the ideal candidate for the job. Often, the employer will ask you something specific that is relevant to your experience and credential and ability to fit in with the company. Be enthusiastic and channel positive energy to the employer. You want to inspire the employer and encourage the employer to hire you. Demonstrate your accomplishments, your attributes, your education and intellect, your knowledge, and your experience. Be confident, and allow your body language to back up your speech with the right movements and the right gestures.

When you are able to bring charisma into a job search or job interview you further your chances of success. Charisma is for the business world, as well, and you will find that great, effective leaders possess the power of charisma. Charismatic individuals have the talent to use their personality, determination and fortitude to achieve success, and land the job that they search for, or interview for.

Source by Andre Thuna

Down load Tech Mahindra Placement Papers 2011

Tech Mahindra comes about to be portion of the Mahindra Team which can be counted between best 10 business houses of India. Tech Mahindra being a world IT consulting and assistance service provider delivers chopping edge solutions to its shoppers scattered about the globe.

As a fresher a position chance is a aspiration come genuine. Not only does the enterprise offer you fascinating opportunities to understand, grow and reveal on &#39burgeoning competencies in several sectors but also its special International Management Cadre plan will help to discover and nurture opportunity leaders. It has a wonderful competency framework at location to keep keep track of of your occupation chart and gives outstanding progress prospective clients.

It hires freshers in substantial numbers just about every yr through periodic campus recruitment drives. The true recruitment approach has 3 sections – composed test, team discussion and private interview. The published exam which is nowdays carried out on the internet is built to examination primary rational reasoning, analytical and English language skills. Candidates who move this spherical effectively will be termed for GD round where they are divided into groups of 10 or 12 and asked to talk about on a particular subject matter.

The dialogue serves to determine and examination their articulation, interaction and management capabilities. Last but not least, productive candidates are termed for a round of individual interview on passing which they are welcomed into the workforce.

In right now&#39s aggressive job industry academic excellence by yourself can not assure a superior occupation. Educational file needs to be bolstered with excellent conversation capabilities and preparation. Right preparation is the vital to success in any industry. How to get ready for campus recruitment system of Tech Mahindra? Down load the preceding calendar year&#39s placement papers as very well as sample placement papers. Going as a result of these papers would offer you with crucial clues on how to prepare and which abilities to brush up on. Download placement papers for the recruitment now for they will give you an edge more than the other competitors when you finally show up for the composed test.

Supply by Balajee Kannan

How to Find the Very best Section Time Online Work Without Supplying Out Your Credit Card Information

When you are exploring for an option to get the job done from house and make some extra funds, all you have to have to do is operate a research for Online career aspect time alternatives on the search engines. You will be offered with hundreds, if not 1000’s of employment prospective buyers on-line that you can look through as a result of and select from.

A person matter you need to have to be cautious about when browsing for portion time Web work is the risk of currently being ripped off. Whilst there are many authentic on-line work readily available, there are also an equal selection of unscrupulous companies that offer function but decrease to shell out you. You will also occur across a lot of do the job alternatives that need you to fork out upfront for a possibility to function with them. Stay clear of these positions like the plague, as these are risky!

These component time on line employment that desire a regular monthly or sign up payment defeats your objective in the to start with position. Why pay out for the chance to make revenue? It just doesn’t compute at all. These on-line businesses may well pretty effectively be ripoffs, and it will be to your very best fascination to run their names by means of a fraud inform on the search engines.

Retain absent from sites that also talk to for your credit score card particulars just to give you an possibility to get the job done. You are not paying for just about anything on the net, so recall that you should not give out your credit card data. To do so will only leave you open to currently being cheated.

Make positive you only use for section time Online positions that you source out from respectable work portals. These position portals have a massive list of out there get the job done possibilities segregated according to group. This way it will be effortless for you to decide on the ideal component time online work dependent on your skills and the time you have available.

Supply by Jason Welsh

On the web Task Research Tactics

With much more and more providers increasing their presence on line, there are an ever-expanding range of folks searching for careers on the World Broad Net by conducting an on the net career search. Hunting for a occupation on line can be like locating your way as a result of a prolonged, twisting maze in that you have to opt for the suitable path to locate what you want. The following tips will help to increase your likelihood of good results with your on the net work look for.

The very first issue to know is that the Online has tons of commonly offered written content and employment is a person element of it, albeit a considerable aspect. As numerous put up jobs on the net you can use any of the common look for engines to glance for a job that meets your needs.

If you make a decision to try this method first be as certain as doable in your look for requirements to filter the final results. This variety of on-line job search will surely end result in a number of hits, but you will need to have to shell out some time filtering out the precise, available work from the kinds that are already closed or are duplicated across web sites.

From the most general variety of occupation look for, ie using look for engines, you can start out to pay a visit to several work web sites to conduct a far more precise on line task research. There are a quantity of greater, proven occupation web-sites that can aid you come across the correct type of position you are hunting for and they also allow you slender your search drastically by place, field, occupation title, or other conditions.

All you have to have to do is enter what you are seeking for into the career description industry, generally in the kind of key phrases, and you will have all employment related to your specification on your display screen in seconds. There are also some great social networking web pages that you can stop by to uncover work through your on the net job research, these as LinkedIn.

Even if you do not locate the specific position you are on the lookout for at the very first attempt it can be really worth opening an account at some of the primary task web pages, as they give the means to acquire alerts and notifications of work delivers direct to your e- mail tackle when you have registered.

A lot of of these job web-sites also present you with a facility to upload your resume and in some scenarios there is a service to securely distribute this to providers or organizations that show interest in your profile dependent on your resume or address letter.

You can also discover online occupation research tips and work similar tips, including how to do well in your work interviews, negotiating a income without seeming extremely pushy and other such information at these web sites that will unresponsively support you in your on-line task search.

Resource by Neil W

Java Fresher Jobs – How to Obtain and Implement?

Bangalore is regarded as as the key IT hub in India. In this metropolis, you will uncover all kinds of jobs relevant to software program. As we all know that Java is a unique type of programming language and is in substantial demand from customers just about everywhere. Java programmers get a high option when they occur to Bangalore. A lot of engineers owning awareness of java programming get great and large positions in the IT sector. Nonetheless, if you are a fresher in java programming, you will however get ideal alternatives in this town. All you require to do for discovering these types of jobs is log on to some job web-sites and come to be a member of it. You have to seriously function difficult to crack the interviews. You must retain yourself up to date with all kinds of hottest affairs getting area through the environment.

If you are fascinated to function in the leading businesses, you have to get ready your self nicely. You can start out by downloading some sample query papers relevant to your field and fix them. Do not fail to remember to entire the paper in just a provided interval of time for the reason that that is extremely critical. Aside from this, all you can do is check out distinct internet sites and gather info about the most current technologies and improvements going on in distinctive fields of know-how.

Java programming is a special understanding that quite a few software package engineers do not have. Consequently, all people of you who have this understanding, the possibilities are truly large. In addition, in a city like Bangalore, java programmers are highly offered desire. Realizing java aside from the unique industry of engineering is regarded as to be an included edge. Hence, all the java programmers, genuinely buck up and there will be no scarcity of employment for you not only in Bangalore but in any aspect of the planet. However, to get a career you have to excel in the subject. Apart from possessing all the information, you need to perform toward having a fantastic persona.

All the best!!!

Source by Balajee Kannan

Tips For Obtaining Elance Artist Positions

As an artist, you most likely invest a superior deal of your time advertising and marketing you or developing your profiles on freelancing sites, like Obtaining artist careers on Elance can be simple and can direct to a good deal of do the job if you know how to make strategic moves. Down below you are going to explore crucial guidelines for acquiring Elance artist jobs.

Plan Time to Stop by Day by day

It’s critical that you take a look at day by day and set aside time to submit common proposals. Those people who submit additional proposals have better possibilities of obtaining artist employment on Elance. Timetable an hour or two each individual working day to submit proposals, so you can give yourself time to formulate particular and customized bids for every single challenge you might be fascinated in.

Boost Up Your Portfolio

You can truly obtain a large amount of excellent careers by boosting up your profile. Include things like your finest samples of every single unique style, so that folks browsing will see the high-quality of your perform. Task posters can invite you to post proposals on their projects and they will be extra likely to do so if your portfolio is outstanding.

Sign Up for E mail Alerts

Elance offers freelancers the solution of signing up for email alerts in their specialised classes, so each and every day you can obtain an e-mail made up of numerous new work opportunities in your class. This is a fantastic way to uncover out what is obtainable in your category so you can instantly post proposals on specified employment that glimpse promising. You can only simply click on your e mail and if you’re not interested, you really don’t even have to log in.

Contain Tips

By way of Elance, you can submit tips from previous purchasers for a compact rate. This offers project posters the opportunity to see the level of satisfaction you’ve got delivered for previous purchasers, and can genuinely assist you get the artist careers you want. It normally takes a few days for the method to come about, as the testimonies are confirmed, but it truly is really worth it to have the good remarks on your profile.

Whilst it may possibly seem to be a challenging endeavor to obtain terrific artist work opportunities on Elance, it can be simple if you abide by the strategies higher than. Scheduling adequate time to submit proposals every single working day, making sure that your portfolio is showing your most effective get the job done, signing up for e mail alerts and verifying testimonies from past clientele are all great ways of making certain that you get the artist jobs you want on Elance.

Source by Kristi Patrice Carter

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